Christine Sullivan and Jenna Pelegrini were stabbed to death, in their home last year. There were no witnesses but they had an Amazon Echo in their home. Now a judge has ordered Amazon to turn over a copy of the voice recordings the Echo made over three days. What you need to understand is that that the appliance constantly records your voice and uploads it to the cloud.

From mobile phones to washing machines, we have been conned into paying for the very machines that the government can use to spy on every aspect of our home life.

As usual, Amazon hides the truth behind a 12,000 word document that they laughingly call their ‘terms and conditions’. At one point it says that Alexa is not recording your conversations but then admits that all your messages, communications, requests and all related interactions are stored on their servers.

Buried within the small print are the clauses that state that if you don’t agree to Alexa recording and storing your voice and conversations that Amazon can revoke you access to the appliance without refund. You have to ask yourself why they would put that clause in the contract?

Most of us have had the experience of discussing a product we might buy, only to find that Google or Facebook ads suddenly fills our browser with adverts for the products we just mentioned in the real world.

It’s obvious that the Corporate Marxist elites see us as cash cows to be milked but what is really galling is that the more the government restricts the internet, ostensibly because of their concerns for our privacy, the less ‘privacy’ we actually have.

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