“People are the sum of the stories they tell themselves” Antonio Sebastian

It is tempting to see Islamic terrorists, screaming vegans and mindless ANTIFA members as the enemy! But, that would be a mistake. The people you see ranged against you are just the victims of the stories they have been told, the stories which they have accepted into their world view.

“How do you get to know things that are actually false? Your education is built on, what could be called, ‘Progressive Historiography’!” Dinesh D’Souza

There is only one thing that can inoculate you against this psychological and spiritual virus, which is destroying Western Civilisation, and that is simply this: ‘The Truth’.

Your only defence against the twin Corporate Marxist shibboleths, of postmodernism and political correctness, is faith in your own common sense and your ability to discern fact from fiction.

The vast majority of the people in the world are asleep, brainwashed! They may be zombies but if we do our job right they will one day wake up and join us. Don’t let your own ego separate you from them. They may be asleep but they are our people, our family, our village, our nation – the people we need to help.

Listen to Professor Jordan Peterson in the video below (the art of argument) and you will realise that when you resort to attacking your enemy, you have already lost the debate. Focus on ideas and logic and leave personal insults, aggression and mindless invective to groups like ANTIFA.

Ultimately, the Anti Corporate Marxism Alliance is dedicated to avoiding a civil war. Listen to Dinesh D’Souza explain (in the video on the right below) just how, since the early 1960s, ‘reality’ has been kidnapped by the elites. Only through discussion and debate can we ‘Red Pill’ enough people to push back against this tidal wave of stupidity that is drowning everything good in the world.

We have already been banned from Twitter so you can join the debate on Gab.ai and Minds.com. For the moment, you can still find us on Facebook but it is doubtful that will be a long term solution. If there is the demand we will set up our own private forum for members on this site. Please email us directly if that is something you would be interested in supporting.

Below the links, we have included a list of recommended books that you might find helpful. If you would like to make some suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

THE ART OF ARGUMENT | Professor Jordan Peterson

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'YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO' | Dinesh D'Souza

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Where there is ignorance and false information there can be no freedom. Andrew Torba set up Gab.ai to fight against the obvious bias of the social media platforms and allow people a safe space to speak their minds. The ‘Fake New Industrial Complex’ have reacted quite predictably and tried their best to shut this platform down and smear it in the public imagination. Check it out for yourself and have your voice heard and if you find it not to your taste you can always leave but I don’t think you will. We look forward to meeting you on Gab.ai.

Minds is a great alternative to Facebook and has recently boycotted all the silicon valley tech giants for their apparent war on free speech and their enforcement of political correctness. We are hoping that as Facebook and Youtube dies, Mind.com will give us a medium by which we can all stay connected. Again Minds.com is committed to free speech. Connect to the alliance and see for yourself.

We have already been banned from Twitter so it is probably only a matter of time before Facebook kicks us off the platform for our anti Marxism stance but for the moment we are hoping to reach out to as many people as possible. We know that looking into Facebook is a little like looking into the pit of hell so we really do appreciate your support on this platform. Visit us on Facebook.


Dr Jordan Peterson gives 12 rules for life in the chaos of the postmodern nightmare that we find ourselves in. His insights, as a clinical physiologist, are invaluable for anyone who has struggled with the realities of modern life. In the process, this highly entertaining book shines a light into the darkness  caused when the entire world shifted to the left.

Antonio Sebastian challenges the shibboleths of the postmodern era: the cult of theoretical physics, evolution via natural selection and global warming; and in the process suggests a holistic scientific paradigm based on cutting edge scientific theories. This books give you a logical and scientific theory that explains exactly why Dr Peterson is entirely correct in his assessment of what is truly important in life.

Who is killing America? Is it really Donald Trump and a GOP filled with white supremacists? 

Whites are the only holdouts resisting full dependency, and so they are blamed for the bigotry and racial exploitation that is actually perpetrated by the left.


If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. You can connect with us via Gab.ai or Minds.com and, for the moment, we are on Facebook. See our discuss page here.

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