Fake News Industrial Complex


The Daily Mail, in the UK, is the country’s most ‘right-wing’ newspaper but despite that, this morning out of the seventeen leading stories, nine were ostensibly anti Trump.

The left-wing bias of the UK Mass Media is obvious to most people and has been for several years.

During the run up to the vote to leave the European Union all newspapers in the UK maintained a anti leave bias and the Daily Mail gleefully ran stories of the impending apocalypse.

The Daily Mail consistently smears and misreports anyone, particularly from the working class, who dares to highlight the problems of mass immigration into the UK.

According to a Yougov poll, the Daily Mail has a readership demographic of middle-age right-wing people, mostly women. Why then would they consistently run political stories that push the left-wing agenda? These stories are against the known interests and bias of their own readership, so what would possess a newspaper to try to subvert its own readership?

If you examine a single story within the world’s  ‘Fake News Industrial Complex’ on the BBC, CNN etc, you will find that they all use the same spin and in some cases exactly the same talking points.

Given that the majority of Americans voted for Trump and the majority of Brits voted against the EU project, why is it that the media still spin reports contrary to the interests of the masses? It doesn’t make any business sense, particularly if we are supposed to be living in an ‘evil’ capitalist society.

Once you begin to see the bias, the way that FNIC use language to programme a response in the minds of the audience, you will not be able to unsee it!

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