Over the last hundred years alone, the Marxist religion has killed over 100,000,000 people. From 1917 in Russia to 2018 in Venezuela, whenever we put the ‘Collective’ before the sanctity of the individual, innocent men, women and children die on an industrial scale.

Throughout recent history, this pernicious quasi-religious cult has had many names: Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Levellers, Diggers (to name but a few) but despite its inevitable egalitarian hyperbole, every time it has manifested itself it has only ever benefited its own elites.

Precisely because of that fact, it is always the intellectual elites who advocate for it.

In the late 1960s, Global Corporations set out to ride the left-wing wave created by the rise of Cultural Marxism and, its bastard child, Postmodernism in order to enslave, to themselves, the already brainwashed masses in a Marxist One World Government. This globalist project serves and benefits only the corporate elites.

The Anti Corporate Marxism Alliance is a worldwide forum and a resource for all of those who would take back their humanity and their freedom for themselves, for their families and for their countries. Only together can we fight the cancer that is killing our civilisation.


In Nazi Germany, in revolutionary France and in the Killing Fields of Cambodia, you didn’t need a ‘conspiracy’ to persuade good people to do evil, you only needed to control the stories the people tell themselves. Just as a huge ship can be turned by a small rudder, so can a group of ordinary people be turned into a murderous mob. You only have to control the narrative. People are the sum of the stories they tell and are largely unaware of the mechanisms by which they are controlled.

All over the world, the Corporate Marxists have taken control of ‘Mainstream’ media. This ‘Fake-News’ industrial complex serves the power of the One World Government. They tell us that there are only three kinds of people:

  1. Those who obey and can be largely ignored.
  2. The ‘good’ people on the Left who must always be supported.
  3. The ‘evil’ people on the Far-Right who must never be allowed to speak.

This is a wicked lie designed to keep all of us in chains. All three roads feed the power of the Corporate Marxist state and tightens the grip it has on every aspect of our lives. Our civil war serves their ultimate plan!

Marxism is a religion that makes a god out of the collective and sacrifices individuals on the altar of the ‘Greater Good’. Both the ‘Left’ and the ‘Right’ sacrifice individual freedom, morality and love on the blood soaked altar of ‘The Common Purpose‘.

There is a fourth way! Make a god out of the individual and limit the power of the collective. This philosophy gave birth to humanity’s greatest experiment, America! In the years when western civilisation was pulling itself out of the darkness into the Enlightenment, this philosophy was called ‘Liberalism’ but, like so many national flags, this word has been ripped down and trodden under the feet of barbarians until its truth can only be felt when we say it as a whisper. But what does ‘Liberalism’ mean? 

Protect the sanctity of the individual, limit the power and scope of the state and make the pursuit of personal happiness your primary goal.


Hating ‘Trump’ has become something of a craze and, like ex-president Ronald Reagan, he has become the recognisable face of our ‘evil’ capitalist system, or new ‘Guy Fawkes’. But, is it true? Do we really live in a ‘capitalist’ system?

Capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of property and the ownership of the means of production, and the profit thereof. In many ways, pure Capitalism is a by-product of the Enlightenment and assumes that people, if left to their own devices, are inherently ‘good’. Note: Capitalism is not the same as ‘Greed is good’ and it is definitely not based on exploitation.

Karl Marx set out, if I might paraphrase, his communist manifesto, which included the following three points:

  1. Abolition of Private Property: In most western countries you must pay the government in order to be given permission to buy a property (Stamp Duty). When you die, your heirs must pay even more money to the government (inheritance tax). Clearly then, the state owns your property and you do not.
  1. Heavy Progressive Income Tax: Today, the money we receive in return for our labour belongs first to the government. The assumption in most western countries is that the state has a right to benefit from your labour and what money you keep is dependent on the largesse of the state. For some, a 70% tax is only someone else paying their ‘Fair Share’! What you produce belongs first to the state!
  2. Government control of communications and transportation: Globalist corporations such as the mass media outlets like the BBC, CNN and MSBNC aggressively control the narrative of world current events. With the development of the ‘Internet’ the people of the world were free to exchange ideas but with the rise of globalist corporations like Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, Youtube (to name but a few) these faceless giants now censor the voices they would like to see silenced and destroy ‘free speech’. There is no freedom of thought!

These are only three of the 45 points of the communist manifesto, all of which have largely been achieved in the West. On careful examination, it is evident that most of us live in a corporate Marxist regime and it is absolutely certain that whatever we do have, clearly, it is not a ‘Capitalist’ system.


The best kind of slaves are those who do not realise that they are, indeed, slaves. For anyone born after the 1980s it is almost impossible for them to recognise the nature of their own prison, simply because they have nothing with which to compare it.

After the Second World War, as Cultural Marxism, under the influence of Herbert Marcuse, Jacques Derrida and Saul Alinsky, evolved into Postmodernism, we in the West became contemptuous of our own culture and slowly lost the ability to think clearly. In the 1990s, changes in communication technology provided the elites with the perfect opportunity to control and subvert the largely disorientated and enfeebled population of Europe and America via the internet and mass media.

It was at this time that the World Trade Organisation, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations finally came of age and started to test the limits of their own power and found that there was, indeed, none.

Ask yourself this, why is it that all mass media outlets, all over the world, follow the same narrative? Surely they should reflect the opinions and bias of their client base? Only a fool would produce content that contradicted the bias of their viewers?

Why is it that all modern cars appear the same? It was only 25 years ago that cars were extremely individual and could be recognised at a distance?

Thanks to the WTO, we in the West have access to manufacturing sources from all over the world. We should have an almost infinite variety of choice. Why is it then that all our clothes are pretty much the same. You can go shopping in London, New York, Madrid or Kuala Lumpur and the clothes you buy are exactly the same. Why has men’s fashions been stuck in 1968 California for the last thirty years? Look on any big city high street and it’s almost as if we are being issued with a uniform.

The products you buy are no longer your own. Our phones, our cars and even our washing machines are controlled by computers, all of which are limited by the ‘updates’ sent out by their companies.

The banks control your money and limit your access to it while giving you nothing in return. They grow rich gambling with our money on the stock market they control.

We are kept afraid with stories of global catastrophe. We are trained to ignore the dangers of industrial farming and mass vaccination but at the same time we are force-fed misinformation about climate change, the Russians and the ‘Far Right’.

They seek to create a world made up of individuals. Individuals can easily be manipulated and, if necessary, eliminated. The Global Elites fear nothing more than fathers, families, villages and, most of all, nations.



Only love will give you the power to take back your humanity, dignity and liberty. Hate will only feed our enemies. Love of the sanctity of the individual, of the family is the only way. Love of people will lead naturally to the love of your country. When the nation is an expression and reflection of the individual its focus is on our love of each other. This is ‘classical’ nationalism. This is the love that made kings fight at the head of their own armies.

Left or Right Wing nationalism is, on the other hand, focused primarily on exclusion and hate and is best avoided as it always ultimately feeds upon itself. Throughout history, despite the nationalist rhetoric, these groups are invariably very keen on killing their own countrymen, when they don’t agree with the ‘party’.

To fight this descent into barbarism, get interested and get involved in the world around you. Unplug from Mass Media (Fake News Industrial Complex). Everyday try to listen carefully to an opinion you don’t agree with. Analyse everything, trust your own capacity to reason. Connect to others, get involved and learn to debate.